Report and photos by Philip Dimitrov

Judge: Kamen Litov ( President of the BRFC - Bulgarian Kennel Club)

Best of Breed: Amigo (Victor Divina Fortitudo x Roma)
Before winning the BOB, Amigo was the Best Junior of the breed.
At the group level, Amigo continued the successful run and won the Best of Group (9 breeds of the II FCI Group present).

Picture below: moment of decision, Amigo winning the BOB before the competitors Virus Los Hijos de la Luna and Vendeta Los Hijos de la Luna (both out of Pampero Ackon Cahuak)

Picture below: AMIGO, Best Junior, Best of Breed, Best of Group Plovdiv 2006 at the age of 15 months


Done by IMS and Terzic