Results and photos by Kobun Wakashima, President of Dogo Club of Japan

Young Female Class Winner

Rumba de La Katana:

Young Male Class Winner

Alpataco de La Katana

Adult Female Class Winner

Perro Pelea Cordobes Odessa

Adult Male Class Winner

Gran of Secret Kennels

Reserved Best of Breed

Gran of Secret Kennels

Best of Breed

Rumba de La Katana


Anastasia de La Katana

Kelly of Secret Kennels

Soffi of Bala Blanca

Mitte of Bala Blanca

Katana Catriela de La Cocha

Reina of Secret Kennels

Leo of Bala Blanca

Simba of Bala Blanca

Reference Dog

Riquelme Bravoure Blanche


Done by IMS and Terzic